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"The best trainer I have ever worked with was Elizabeth Bracero. Being an ex professional ballet dancer, I have worked with many trainers and coaches, but none inspired me the way Liz did. She changed how I viewed my body and allowed me to strive toward my fullest potential. Her knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy is only the tip of the iceberg. She combines her great technical talents and abilities as a trainer with an amazing ability to inspire the soul. She got me through one of the hardest challenges of my life which was my partners three year battle with cancer followed by his passing. She kept me believing in myself and in the beauty of life. She kept me healthy on the inside and out and I will forever be grateful.

Anybody who is lucky enough to work with Liz will not only have a better stronger healthier body, they will have a fuller richer happier life!!!!!"

Alex N

"Your knowledge, understanding and professional approach matters, makes a connection and gets the job done.  Thank you always"

Ronald P

" I truly admire Liz Bracero's approach to personal training. Her attention to detail in proper form and technique have impacted me in a tremendous way. Before training, a large part of my problem came from my lower back. Her ability to help me strengthen my core and improve my posture has decreased my pain, increased my flexibility, and most importantly has increased my confidence. Her emphasis on losing inches and toning muscles I never knew I had has provided me with motivation to reach for attainable goals. It has been an amazing experience that has formed a strong foundation for my future fitness life."

Radhika K

"Elizabeth is a delightful and extremely knowledge young lady.  She has been very helpful to me.  She gave an interesting and informative talk on avoiding lower back pain recently in New York City.  Loved it!'

Mariline C

"We came to fitness training fairly late in life, but due to physical problems we were urged by our doctor to work out with a good trainer at least three times a week. Elizabeth Bracero is the third trainer we have worked with over the past 10 years, and she is by far the best. She has done enormous work in improving our overall fitness and posture, as well as advising us on a healthy diet and helping us to lose weight. I never believed I would be able to jog on a treadmill without holding on, but my balance and stamina have improved so much, now I enjoy doing this. My husband has mobility, balance and weight issues and Elizabeth deals with all these and the change in his posture, balance and mobility is quite astounding. Now he can exercise more, he is beginning to lose weight.

We have found Elizabeth to be very focused on our individual needs and concerns. She is excellent at motivation, support and encouragement to keep us on track and to make us reach our full potential. She will not let us slack off, and insists we work as hard as we possibly can. Without her help, we would not have reached the mobility we have now. We need her to push us to try harder, but she is extremely understanding and encouraging if we stumble along the way.She is much more than a personal trainer. Elizabeth inspires us to set our goals much higher than we would ever have thought we could reach."

Erica and Lars W.

"I recently heard a talk on Physical Fitness by Elizabeth Bracero at the New York Athletic Club. It was both entertaining, informative, and very well presented.  She held the audience's attention, and by the end everyone was much better informed on the subject matter - Fitness"

Peter F 

"I have trained with Elizabeth for 3 years. She offers support, guidance, and unbridled motivation in our work outs. She genuinely wants me to succeed. Elizabeth varies our routine so that boredom and being stagnant are not options. I feel like she has tailored a program for me. If it is not working, we reassess. Liz offers the perfect combination of teacher, cheerleader, fitness expert, and super nanny! She makes sure I get it done. Her style is client- focused. It is not about her and her needs, it is really about me shaping and changing my body. Where as, NYC gyms are often filled with "trainers" looking around or texting, Elizabeth is form and client focused. Her approach is guiding force rather than mean coach. Every exercise or set is an informed, calculated choice with a reason behind it. Elizabeth will make sure that change happens!"

Jeffrey G

"I feel very fortunate for having found Elizabeth Bracero. I was in search of a work-out regimen that I would stay committed to in order to look my absolute best for my upcoming wedding. Elizabeth has done a fabulous job. Not only has she created a personalized routine for me, but her encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum extent possible. I have worked with many trainers at gyms throughout the city; there is no trainer like Elizabeth."

Pallavi J



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