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Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Improving and maintaining their health and wellness with comprehensive and custom health solutions is vital, as healthier people produce stronger results, and are ultimately more engaged and effective in the workplace.

Because of the high-tech, high-stress contemporary corporate workplace;  today’s professionals are in more need of health and wellness than ever before. A happier, healthier, more balanced employee yields more productivity, increased focus, and enhanced creativity that is invaluable in a competitive marketplace.

According to a recent study on work site health programs, corporations realized $3-6 in savings for every $1 invested in wellness programs. The same study showed more than a 25% average reduction in health-care costs for well-designed programs. (American Journal of Health Promotion)


The Benefits of offering and promoting corporate employee health & wellness programs in the workplace:


  • Decreased Costs *

  • Reduced Absenteeism

  • Increased Productivity

  • Increased Job and Employee Satisfaction

  • Improved Employee Retention

  • Enhanced Office Community

*According the Harvard Business Review, every dollar invested in employee wellness programs can yield up to $6 in health care savings. That goes right to your company’s bottom line!


As your Corporate Wellness Expert, Elizabeth partners with your HR team to bring Nutrition and Wellness knowledge into your workplace, as a personal health coach to you and your employees.


Elizabeth Bracero offers On-Site Corporate Wellness Solutions to Promote Employee Wellness & Lower Healthcare Costs, which includes the following:



Providing education to employees specifically on how to improve eating habits, reduce stress, and increase healthy lifestyle activities such as cooking and exercise. These workshops will be in person or via webinar. Example workshop topic and descriptions below. Workshops will be customized for your office and employee’s needs.  Employees will receive handouts with information and healthy recipes.

Sample Workshop Descriptions:

Your Super Energy Prescription

  • Feeling low on energy no matter how many cups of coffee you drink or how many hours of sleep you get at night? Learn how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can help instantly boost your mood and energy.


How To Kick Your Sugar Addiction

  • The average American consumes about 150 pounds of sugar a year, more than any other country in the world. Sugar in some form is found in almost everything and causes those “roller coaster” mood swings, irritation, exhaustion, headaches, intense cravings, and several other detrimental effects. Learn how to kick your sugar addiction and increase your energy levels, focus and concentration.


Healthy Eating At Work

  • There is so much misinformation out there on what we should be eating and what is healthy that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is best for you. Elizabeth will share what healthy eating really looks like, debunk some of the myths and share the best ways to add healthy living into your work day.


Elizabeth will go over tips and ideas that will help employees make positive nutritional choices while at work.  It's essential for employers to promote healthy eating havits in workplace because employees who eat healthy tend to be more productive and generally healthier.  What employees choose to eat throughout the day can either slow them down or fuel them for a productive workday.  Maintaining a balanced diet helps employees feel more energized and focused by supplying them with the nourishment their bodies need to succeed. 


Elizabeth will assess the vending machines and restaurant options in and around the company while providing a list of healthy snack foods that can be provided to employees to keep energy levels and productivity high. She can also do all of the ordering and reordering of food.


Taking time during the day to disconnect is one of the most beneficial acts that an employee can do to improve energy, focus and productivity at work. Elizabeth conducts 15 minute guided peaceful meditation sessions in the span of two hours. She incorporate deep breathing exercises and meditations that help relax the body and mind so employees can refocus once they are back at their desk


The ease and convenience of having classes onsite gives employees the opportunity and encouragement to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. The classes are customized to employee’s needs and levels. The classes aim to improve posture, core strength, improve lower back strength and reduce shoulder pressure from sitting at a desk for a long period of time. The fitness / corrective training sessions can be scheduled during lunch or after work.


This is a monthly meeting where everyone can come together and get additional support from Elizabeth and other coworkers. She have found that these meetings are really helpful with weight loss, creating a healthier relationship to food and many coworkers find a work buddy to take walks with and help support them on their journey.


Corporate Wellness Employee Consultation Days provide employees working long hours sitting at their desks with the opportunity to experience a 20 minute one-on-one health & wellness consultation with Elizabeth.  She will give nutrition tips, fitness and wellness advice for each employee. Elizabeth’s availability will be from 9am to 5pm, meeting with as many employees as time allows on a first come, first served basis. This can also be done via FaceTime/Skype or at a satellite office.


This is a chance for employees to have fun while creating healthier habits. Elizabeth creates a personalized challenge based on the needs of the employees. Challenges can be as short as a week or as long as four weeks based on the reward system and interest level of everyone involved.


Studies have shown that when top management and managers understand the benefits of wellness at work, they are more apt to encourage their employees to attend wellness sessions and utilize vacation days.  In return employees become more confident, take less sick days, collaborate more and share ideas more often at work. The training includes the four pillars of health and what action steps are the most beneficial in sharing. How to encourage employees to become more active and healthy.  Let Elizabeth Bracero help your company succeed in encouraging employee to live healthier and happier lives while reduce medical cost and incresaing employee productivity.  Schedule A Call Today.


My Human Resource Management experience in New York City and Miami, has taught me the importance of employer and employee relationship.  I learned that the employee is happier and more productive when he/she feels valued as an employee.  Their productivity goes up, they are sick less and miss less days of work.  The Corporate environment also taught me the importance of bringing healthy food to work.  It helped me maintain my energy levels during the day, and that taking a lunch break to work out could make or break my day. The more I paid attention to my own well-being and health, the better I felt at work and my work productivity improved.


Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Corporate Wellness Expert, my mission is to make wellness an essential and important part of the workplace. With my support, employees have better energy levels, reduced stress levels, and learn how to take care of themselves during a busy work day resulting in fewer sick days and more productivity.


This is a meeting where everyone can come together to learn about work life balance.  Elizabeth has found that these lectures / meetings are very useful in creating a healthy lifestyle mentality in employee and employer a like.  It helps support them on their life journey so they are happier.

Elizabeth has been an amazing addition to our corporate wellness strategy! She brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table – from brainstorming all the way to presentation. We have received positive feedback from our employees as well – each workshop is educational, relevant, and motivating to live a healthier lifestyle. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Elizabeth! ~ Maria Lee 


I’d love to create a customized wellness program for your company. Contact me today to discuss how we can create a personalized program to bring wellness into your workplace.

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