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CORECAMP Brickell      is the purest form of exercise. Fitness Expert & Health Coach, Elizabeth Bracero shares her secrets for developing an awe-inspiring CORE!


There are no fancy machines, only you and the environment. It is a back to the basics workout designed to push you beyond your expectations. Whether you are an athlete or have never done a single crunch, every exercise is adjusted to match your fitness level. The result is a stronger, leaner and more balanced body.


   Where:  1865 Brickell Avenue

                 Miami,  Florida 33129



   Time:    TUESDAY & THURSDAY: 6AM, 7AM, 8AM 

                MONDAY & WEDNESDAY: 7AM, 5:30PM

                SATURDAY: 10AM  


   Cost:    SINGLE SESSION: $30 

               10 CORECAMP PACK: $250

               21 DAY FITNESS CHALLANGE!  $300

               30 DAY SEXY ABS & BOOTY CHALLAGE! $350

               90 DAY BODY TRANSFORMATION! $960


   Contact :   1(347) 974 - 4 ABS

                    1(347) 974 - 4 (227)




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Looking forward to helping you achieve a stronger, leaner and more balanced body!


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